Celebrating the world of
Street Art & Street Wear in Melbourne,
Ironlak, Alley Tunes, Coors Beer, Absolute Vodka, Holy Moly, The W.C.S.S & Booroondara Winter Arts Festival bring to you

The Holy Weekender: Street Market.

A free public event bringing together the local art, brand and design community for a weekend of art, paint, clothing, beats, beers and food.


This ain't no regular street market.

shop for you, your friend and your neighbour.

sneakers, hats, tees to hoodies, incense holders, books and pins.
sold by local Australian brands, designers, artists and re-sellers.

if you are interested in having a stall It's Not To Late!
Follow the link Below Or Email us at


celebrating glenferrie art week we have invited a
select bunch of local artists that will be
painting live throughout the weekend.

decorating the holy moly venue using various
Mediums such As aerosol, paint and print.